About Me:

My name is Alexis Bello, CEO of Bello Detailer. I am a Professional Detailer specialized in utility, sports, and truck vehicles. Currently, I am a certified member of the International Detailing Association or I.D.A. Additionally, I hold certifications in Detailer (C.D) and Skills Validation (S.V) granted by this prominent organization, and I am registered under number 8025-03753.

Basically, my work focuses on meticulously and professionally cleaning, washing, waxing, and polishing cars, ensuring exceptional results in every process.


To consistently provide professional, high-quality service that meets the unique needs of each client, guiding them in selecting the most suitable package. Leveraging my knowledge, techniques, and skills, I aim to achieve results that exceed their expectations.


Being the leading and preferred company throughout Central Florida for daily drivers, enthusiasts, and collectors seeking the care, protection, and beautification of their vehicles, recognized for the quality of my products coupled with excellent service, loyalty, and friendly treatment.


Friendly Service

Quality Service

Punctuality and Responsibility

Loyalty and After-sales Service"

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